A little Off Subject

It’s such a beautiful day today, I think I’ll go for a drive. I have a very big test in school today. I think going for a drive helps me to clear my mind before a big test. I can just drive and take in the scenery and not think too much for a good amount of time. Our puppy is so jealous if you don’t pay enough attention to him. I can be giving attention to my wife and he tries to get in between. He will start licking me and trying to cuddle up to me. He’s very cute, almost like a 3 year old child. Something I may see if going to Lice Happens to see if I can get my child screen before they go back to school. (http://www.licehappens.com/head-lice-removal-service-atlanta-georgia)

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Health Concerns

Over time, it seems that more and more people are getting ill and during these times it seems that the hospitals are flooding with people who have anything from minor aches and pains to serious problems. For those who are interested, here are a few statistics: http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/fastats/hospital.htm

During time, it seems that there are many people who have issues with their spine as well. Although chiropractic care is far removed from Emergency Care the two seem to overlap when the spine is out of alignment. Here is just one of the sites we have located about this type of care.


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What Has Research Done For Anti-Aging

In the light of anti-aging and those who with to beat the clock by looking younger, regardless of their age, there is a lot of research that has gone into developing these types of products. There are many companies such as Skinmedica and Allergan that put a lot research into developing products that help those look get rid of wrinkles of help their skin look better. Although these types of products are not miracle workers, overtime, they can make a difference.

Most of these products are not sold in stores, although some are sold on Amazon, like the one we linked too. If you are interested in companies that dedicate their resources to research and development. We looked for companies that do this and we found this company: http://www.calicolabs.com/ which helps this world tackle the issue with aging.

There are also many spas, such as SouthEastRegional Med Spa and other spas that offer a wide variety of services. These spa are also going to Facebook to offer their services as well. Most of these spas that are on social place such as FB are medical spas that offer their services to the local communities. Here is a list of spas that do just this. For example, the spa we mentions offers laser hair removal in Columbus Ga

This is just one example of how many services have evolved out of this research.

Remember we mentioned Facebook earlier?

Well almost each of these spas has their own Facebook Page too.

This is something that we feel will continue to trend as we enter the next few years. We are hoping that we will see a lot more of the social environment take place with all types of businesses too.



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